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Casper's Pets is a pack of like-minded pet loving, dog rescuing first responders.

We require the best for our animal companions, and we know you do too. Our products are derived from 100% U.S. grown Hemp and are free from: Solvents, Pesticides, Heavy Metals and Biological Contaminants.
How can you be sure of this?
Simple, we test every batch, for everything, every time utilizing an ISO rated independent third party laboratory. Our current test result can be found by clicking the link at the end of our product descriptions.

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What Our Customers Say!

"Oscar loves your CBD! Highly recommend to any dog owner who needs some assistance daily."
Mary Thompson
"My dog gets excited for her CBD from Casper's Pets! Thank you Casper's Pets for everything!"
Jessica Foxx​
"Thank you! Your products have helped my animals so much. I can't stop telling my fellow pet owners!"
Lily Granger​